The aims and achievements of the TRIGS project emerge from the common ineterests of a group of scientists who share a strong commitment in conducing interdisciplinary research activities. Indeed the members of the TRIGS projects are internationally acknowledged experts coming from different backgrounds as complex systems, materials and earth sciences. In particular, they have a longstanding research record on the statistical physics of disordered and non-equilibrium complex systems, fracture mechanics, plasticity, landslides, snow avalanches and earthquakes.

The teams participating in the consortium cover all the fields of expertise needed to successfully carry out the proposed research activities. The CNR node represents a leading center for the study of complex systems, but has also a working experience in the modeling of fracture and granular materials. The HUT team is primarily expert in experiments and models of fracture, but has also some expertise in disordered systems and complexity. The UEDIN combines a strong background in the mechanical properties of materials for engineering applications and in multiscale materials modeling with cutting edge research in geomaterials. WSL/SLF is the leading snow and avalanche research institute, including modeling, laboratory testing and field studies. UJF is a leading center for landslide research, but has also expertise in earthquakes modeling and analysis. Finally, INGV has a wide knowledge in the monitoring of natural hazards and the related risk assessment.

Partecipating Teams